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The Real UK Citizenship Test

David Cameron has recently announced changes to the Life in the UK citizenship test - a test that most UK citizens themselves have said they wouldn't pass. The test below has been devised mostly by Twitter users to more accurately differentiate British citizens from johnny foreigner.
Please complete the following question: It's nice to see you, to see you______?

What is the correct response when someone drops a tray in the middle of a canteen?

Please study the photograph below.

Which one is Ant, and which is Dec?

Do you want salt and vinegar?

When does the DFS sale come to an end?

Please complete the following question: Who do you think you are kidding Mr. ______?

The UK is experiencing very hot weather. The headline in The Sun reads "phew what a ______"

You have met a girl from Greece. What might she have a thirst for?

You are at a football match. How might supporters of the opposing team be going home?

Which Second World War relic is housed in the Albert Hall?

Questions from the #RealCitizenshipTest trend on Twitter
Put together by Elliot Ross - @iamelliot
Quiz script by Dodo's Quiz Script
Question credits (as far as I can make out): 1) DrFidelius 2) Carys Hepworth 3) DeathBoy 4) Katy Bairstow 5) Martin Coxall 6) itswatty 7) Crime Watcher 8) DrFidelius 9) sonofajoiner 10) Tom Sulston

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